So, you’ve swapped your horrible yellow DRLs and Sidelights to nice white LED. But now the fog lights don’t match. In only 30 minutes using only a trim tool, a Philips and a flathead screwdriver, you can remedy this abomination.


You’ll also need a set of HB4 9006 bulbs (for facelift). I believe pre-fl is HB3, but please check your manual!! First take out the Philips head screw (don’t touch the hex screw!!).


Then shove your trim tool below where the screw hole is, and give it a tug.


Nothing? Give it a bigger tug. You’ll literally feel the trim “peel” away. When you get to round the actual fog bulb, I found it easier to reach through the hole where the light goes and pull from the inside.


With the entire trim remove, it’s time to remove the fog light. Drivers side twists anti-clockwise. Passenger side clockwise.


This is where I almost stuffed up. I twisted using the strength of a single male brown bear of average weight and could hear the plastic cracking. That’s because you have to get the flathead and push the tabs in slightly at 12’oclock and 6’oclock. Then it practically fell out on me.



Then we can push down on the tab and pull the electrical connector off. Don’t worry, it’s nowhere near as bad as the usual VAG connectors.




The bulb itself twists out, just look at the back and you’ll see how it’s held in.


Put the new bulb in and test it actually works before you put it all back together!



To reinstall, just reverse the process. You’ll feel the foglight twist and click back in. Then align the two tabs at the side of the trim and work back towards the screw clicking it in as you go (don't be afraid to push harder if it won't click - just make sure it's correctly aligned). If your still having trouble, bend the trim slightly in the direction it fits to help align the tabs.


Don’t overtighten the screws as it’s only plastic it’s going back into. Stand back and enjoy!!

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